Essential EMR Integrations For Healthcare Practices


In the era of technology, it is important for the healthcare sector to complete tasks on time, no matter what it is. It can be the delivery of patient care, the new technologies in medicine, or reduced costs of healthcare services. If you work in a hospital or clinics you must know how hard it is to keep track of patients files or records. These things can get lost very easily and can take hours to hand write. With the help of EHR software development, patient files can be kept safe at all times. 

In the old times when healthcare workers made handwritten patients files, they had a lot of errors. These small errors can prove to be extremely costly for hospitals in the future. But with the growth in technology, these services are now easy to provide and error-less. With the help of EMR software development

What is EMR Integration?

EMR (Electronic medical monitoring) is a system that keeps track of patients files digitally. Electronic medical records help healthcare workers gain easy access to patients files. Electronic medical records can keep track of a patient’s entire medical history, their current treatment process. These electronic medical records systems can keep track of a patient’s latest lab reports, imaging, medical tests and also their newest results. 

Electronic medical records systems are being used by several hospitals around the world to document patent information in the safest way possible. This information can be kept safe for a long period of time. The electronic medical records system can help the healthcare systems in providing better treatments to patients, The system can evaluate different patients data at one time and give easy solutions to healthcare providers. 

These software systems can easily be operated on a smartphone, laptop or computer. Before these systems came into existence, all the patient data was handwritten by doctors or nurses. The PHR software development has helped increase the speed of medical care giving. The new and advanced Electronic medical records system and old handwritten patients charts did the same things but the traditional method was very time-consuming. 

What does the Electronic medical records system do?

1. The system allows doctors to take a quick look at the patient’s information. This could be their name, age, height, weight, gender, address. The system gives an entire overview of the patient. Electronic medical records can help doctors remember more information about a patient’s condition.

2. The electronic medical records software system can keep track of all the patient visits to the hospital. The system can also keep track of all the times a patient had to spend the night in a hospital. The electronic medical records systems also keep track of the phone calls a patient has made to their healthcare provider.

3. Healthcare providers no longer have to write down small notes regarding patient treatment, they can just note everything down in the electronic medical records system. These systems never lose any of the notes and can benefit the doctor in the long run. 

4. With the help of an electronic medical records system, healthcare providers can order patients tests anytime they want. They can even prescribe medicines to doctors.

5. The electronic medical records system can also transfer patients’ test results. This saves the time of the healthcare workers as they now don’t have to go to a different department in the hospital and bring the patient’s results.

What goes into an Electronic medical records system?

Now the question arises, what really goes into electronic health records systems. Electronic medical records help keep track of a patient from the minute they arrive at a hospital to the minute they leave the hospital. In the traditional way of providing healthcare services to patients, doctors wrote handwritten charts, in electronic medical records software, it is the same process. Many hospitals still use the same method of arranging medical charts in a systematic manner. If a hospital keeps their patient charts in order, it becomes easier for them to attend to the right patient and give them the right treatment.

How the electronic medical records system works is when a patient enters a hospital room, the doctor can easily open their chart from the system. The system can make up schedules for patients. The doctor can then listen to the patient’s worries and write it all down in the electronic medical records system. The system has different sections built for different conditions. This makes it easier for the doctor to provide a treatment plan for the patient. The system can also keep track of the patient’s height, weight, vital signs and body temperature.

The electronic medical system can also note down a patient’s old medical records. The doctor can ask the patient about their old medicines, in what amount they were prescribed to take their medicines, and how the medicine affected them. All this information is stored in an electronic medical records system. The system has a section to note all this down.

The system can keep track of a patient’s allergies also. The doctor will ask a patient about the things they are allergic to, it could be any medicine or food. The systems then keep everything documented. Why is noting down allergies is important? Because some patients can react badly to an allergic reaction. It can prove fatal for them. If a patient is given anything they are allergic to, the system will instantly notify the doctor about it.

When an EMR system is developed, the system has inbuilt technology for keeping track of patients medical history. If a doctor puts down a patients medical history in the system, it will be kept safe in there. Knowing a patient’s medical history is one of the most important things for giving the right treatment. In some cases, medical information is gathered while booking an appointment. In many places people have to fill out forms for this, but not with an electronic medical records system.

The patients are also asked whether they smoke or drink a lot. This information is also important and is noted in the electronic medical records system to enhance patient care.

After gathering all the patient information, the doctor can easily evaluate a treatment plan for the patient. The electronic medical records system helps a doctor find out problems and solves them in a matter of minutes. The doctor can also note down a patient’s progress in the system. These notes help doctors with future patients.

EMR Integration with Telehealth?

In telehealth, a medical caregiver can easily communicate with patients from a distance. Healthcare providers can easily connect with patients through virtual appointments. These visits can be on laptops or mobile phones. The telehealth software helps medical workers provide their services to anyone. 

If electronic medical records software is merged with telehealth software, it can prove to be a very effective way of providing medical care to patients. This will change the way medical care was given in the old-time and open more ways for improvement.

EMR integration can easily keep track of all the patient’s activity and telehealth will allow them to receive medical care from a distance. This way patients will receive the right treatments and on time. Electronic medical records software and telehealth can be operated from a mobile phone, making it easier for healthcare workers to provide their services.

5 Top Telehealth Solutions Impacting Remote Healthcare during the Coronavirus Pandemic


The year 2020 is cursed. The need for telehealth software systems has been realized now. Countries all over the world are going through a lot of tough times because of the coronavirus pandemic. Countries are in lockdown. Everything is shut. Every sector is facing the risk of this pandemic.

The healthcare sector especially has been affected a lot because the medical facilities were not prepared for this. But then several platforms are providing their services especially to the village areas where people lack basic healthcare assistance.

Here the question arises: What is Telehealth app development services?

Telehealth is referred to as the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services comprising medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care via telecommunications and digital communication technologies. Live video conferencing, mobile health apps, “store and forward” electronic transmission, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) are some of the important examples of technologies used in telehealth.

5 Top telehealth solutions which are providing remote healthcare in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic are:


SISGAIN is one of the most reputed companies that provide the best mobile telehealth solutions. SISGAINis serious about building telehealth products and solutions that support healthcare institutions that deliver care through digital technology.

SISGAIN’s custom made telehealth offering combines the telehealth software and medical services that healthcare institutions provide to provide virtual care to their patients throughout the care duration: the home, the client, or at the bedside.

These telemedicine and telehealth software systems products provide healthcare doctors the methods they need to efficiently, accurately, flexibly, and completely treat those in need, regardless of their area or situation.

Some of the features include:

  • Basic virtual visit applications
  • Clinical exam applications
  • Direct to consumer applications

For the last 15 years, SISGAIN has been a pioneer of telehealth software systems. SISGAIN’s mission has grown over the years to positively impact healthcare delivery using the latest advancements in digital technology, our range of telehealth medical devices and solutions have evolved.

SISGAIN’s commitment:

SISGAIN understands that every organization seeks something different. At SISGAIN their commitment to you means crafting a telemedicine and telehealth solution specifically to your organization’s business goals, providing you with the ability to grow and enhance the program while always providing main quality healthcare to all of your patients.

As telehealth software systems continue to evolve and change the way healthcare is delivered across the world, SISGAIN is dedicated to further expanding its telemedicine and telehealth app development service skills and always building new healthcare technology solutions for your telehealth applications.

You can enhance patient care with SISGAIN’s mobile Telehealth solutions:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Request e consultation
  • Video consultation
  • Integration with EMR
  • Digital prescription
  • Collect payments
  1. Teladoc

It is a US-based telehealth service provider. They even have a good rating amongst the patients and the doctors.

The platform of Teladoc can be used for a vast range of medical problems, including:

  • Pediatric services
  • Non- emergency medical issues
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Mental health meetings for problems such as depression and addiction
  • Sexual health consultations
  1. MeMD

You can convey many symptoms or conditions during a single meeting without paying an additional fee — provided your healthcare provider feels comfortable discussing a second issue.

Lab tests can’t be requested through MeMD, but healthcare providers can answer questions about existing lab reports.

  1. Amwell

They wanted to create basic healthcare more affordable and eliminate difficulties such as distance, mobility, and time.

Amwell’s mobile application is available on iOS and Android and can also connect you with the doctor.

  1. Virtuwell

Virtuwell deals with the diagnostic part of telehealth software systems by asking you to clarify your symptoms in an online meeting.

If the signs and condition sound like something Virtuwell can care for, a nurse practitioner will receive the report. They can then look at a noticeable symptom, if necessary, and create a medicine plan.

Telehealth app development make healthcare easy and accessible to patients. It’s also a more affordable alternative for people without insurance. Even though there are a lot of new platforms that are coming up, you should choose your mobile telehealth solutions wisely.

Telemedicine App Development: How to make an App like Doctor on Demand

Telemedicine app development solutions are a subset of Telehealth, which is a method that gives helpful examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients living in village areas. In short, patients don’t need to be present in the hospital for the diagnosis or medicine. SISGAIN, a telemedicine app development company offers a customized platform that comes with the latest features trending in the market. SISGAIN is without a doubt a one-stop solution for all your care needs and requirements.

Healthcare specialists can easily give remote care and medical facilities to the patients using solutions like a telemedicine app. The low expense for simple operations and medical facilities has made telemedicine application a common process. And this is what has rounded up telemedicine app development services among all doctors and hospitals.

Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

Everybody wants to be healthy in their life. This is one of the top human priorities. But since 2020, there is a huge necessity for health-related products specified for the COVID-19 pandemic and global lockdown.

Telemedicine application services can help the healthcare system across medical institutes, doctors, and patients. The main task of this service is to improve the usefulness of medical services, offer remote doctor visits, and check health situations from a good distance.

  • Time-Efficient and Feasible Medical Care

During this emergency period, you should not spend unnecessary time visiting a hospital or waiting in line for early doctor consultation. If you need to visit different medical experts, the process can take more time.

  • Availability of Medical Services

For newcomers, telemedicine app development solutions can give medical services to remote areas without access to hospitals. The services help people from village areas where healthcare employee’s shortage is found. Telemedicine apps can help school students, old people, and veterans reach healthcare services easily.

  • Collective Patient Handling and Checking System

Telemedicine app development solutions can help with deadly infection monitoring, updates to prescriptions; follow-up meetings, and more.

  • Medical Record Storage

A telemedicine app supports medical practitioners in accessing and storing medical data efficiently. Nowadays, it can else be very hard to use such records and send them to other doctors for better medicines or treatments.

  • Helpful Time Handling of Medical Experts

Medical service providers can organize their workload more efficiently. This suggests there is a chance to test more patients specifically.

What Telemedicine Software Is Doing For Patients And Doctors

Getting care through an app isn’t acceptable for every kind of situation, but for the many things that do make sense in that type of environment, Telemedicine mobile apps can offer large advantages.

  • Easily available

Think about the problems you’ve been in before that require seeing a doctor, but take all but five minutes to diagnose and prescribe: ear infection, UTI, bladder infection, skin condition, just to name a few. You drive or go to your local clinic and wait in long lines, only to get a simple prescription.

With Telemedicine app development solutions, patients can get the same professional care in way less time, without having to leave the comfort of their own home, any time of the day or night.

  • Fast results

You get engaged with a live doctor or expert in just a few clicks. The good news for the patients is that there is no waiting around or having to reschedule. You can start treatment right away, which can be important in many situations.

  • Truly portable and mobile medical records

With telemedicine software, you’re able to access your medical records at the touch of your fingertips. It’s so much easier to share with your doctors, specialists, and even family members.

  • Much needed flexibility for doctors.

Doctors also can take the advantage of telemedicine app development company. By being able to schedule their hours and work from anywhere they choose, they can greatly reduce the stress and pressure that the traditional medicine world bombards them with.

  • Ability to treat more patients and increase revenue

Also, because doctors can reduce their administrative work and see patients much more easily, they are in turn able to see more patients and thus increase their revenue while decreasing their stress levels.

Reasons why you should choose SISGAIN telemedicine app development solutions?

  • More convenience
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Cheaper services
  • Better-work life balance
  • Video consultation

Request a free demo with us now because here at SISGAIN telemedicine technology is built by doctors and loved by patients.

Telemedicine App Development: Costs, Features, and Pitfalls


Telemedicine app development services help the patients to book online appointments with the doctors when they are sick and suffering from any illness.

Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

We all know that the preference of people is to protect good health, and telemedicine apps help people to achieve that. With telemedicine apps, the patients can attach to expert healthcare service providers without even leaving their house. The telemedicine app, besides helping the patients, is also a useful tool for the doctors, the doctors can share the medical prescriptions with the patients, and can also control their health while sitting remotely.

  • Easily Available Services

Telemedicine apps can help as a great tool in remote areas that have the least or no healthcare services. With telemedicine apps, people, particularly the elderly, kids, and women, can reach out to doctors and healthcare service providers to get proper medical facilities.

  • Useful Medical Care

It is no surprise that a lot of time is wasted when a person physically visits a hospital or goes for a doctor’s consultation. Also, if you need to visit a doctor, then the process might take a longer time. However, with the telemedicine app development solutions, you can schedule an appointment with the preferred doctor, and can even get prescriptions by the doctor via the app.

  • Medical Record Mobility

It is no surprise that even in today’s world, it’s very difficult to get access to our medical records. However, a telemedicine application helps the patients to view their medical documents and send them to doctors.

  • Time Management

The healthcare providers can manage their schedules and appointments efficiently using the telemedicine software development services. That means the doctors could have more time to examine patients and improve their working efficiency.

  • Efficient Data Storage

With telemedicine applications, the practitioners and other healthcare providers could seamlessly access and store critical medical data efficiently. That means, it becomes very easy to access these records and share them with other doctors for better treatment.

Just like a coin has two sides, telemedicine app development also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the disadvantages of the telemedicine applications include:

  • Technological concerns: A weak internet connection can be difficult to offer quality care. Hospitals must also confirm that the telemedicine program they use is safe and fully compliant with privacy laws.
  • An inability to treat and diagnose patients:  Doctors must trust patient self-reports during telemedicine sessions. This may require doctors to ask more questions to confirm that they get a thorough health history. If a patient leaves out an important symptom that might have been visible during in-person care, this can risk treatment.
  • If you want a more private or face-to-face relationship, telemedicine might not be the choice for you. You always do not get a chance to have a connection with your telemedicine doctor, and you may never also get a chance to personally join them. You may not even get a chance to video conference with the specialist.
  • One of the major flaws is the availability and fee. You may not have access to telemedicine services. For the doctor, it can be costly to set up and maintain. Though a nice and capable service, telemedicine may be too expensive for smaller healthcare facilities.
  • Certain types of diseases and difficulties need a face-to-face real examination and cannot be interpreted through telemedicine.

Are you looking for custom telemedicine App development solutions? Then you can Initiate the telemedicine application services today with SISGAIN.

Immediate patient management through remote tracking, consulting, informing, and caregiving has become much easier and precise via SISGAIN’s telemedicine app development services.

Doctors can diagnose, refer, get a second opinion, treat and manage patients’ health remotely via live consultations with doctors sharing medical records and reports online with secure encrypted channels.

Unique features of SISGAIN’s telemedicine app development

  • Book Appointment- Patients can view and schedule an appointment as per convenience
  • Payment Collection- Application can be combined with any payment gateway to collect appointment fee
  • Virtual Waiting Room- Before commencement of appointment, patients can wait in a virtual waiting room
  • Video consultation- Provider can initiate video consultation for those waiting in a virtual waiting room
  • Get patient Record- Provider can view uploaded documents including test reports and earlier prescription
  • Upload Prescription- Post consultation, the provider can upload the prescription in the application or send it through email.

Why Choose SISGAIN?

  • Feature List

SISGAIN provides end to end features to cater entire life cycle of video consultation

  • In your Cloud

Our solution can be deployed in your datacenter or any public cloud platform like AWS

  • With your Brand

The solution can be hosted with your brand logo and URL along with a white-labeled mobile app

  • Supported Devices

SISGAIN’s telemedicine applications support web, android, and iOS devices.

  • Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated technical support and product training by our experts

  • Secured Solution

We understand the importance of data protection for healthcare and have taken it very seriously. We will support in hosting, maintenance, scaling, and integration.

Is Telemedicine Software the future of Healthcare?


There have been a lot of ups and downs in the healthcare sector especially in this coronavirus pandemic which almost hit a huge proportion of people everywhere in the world. In between this time, we have seen a successful emergence of telemedicine applications for healthcare which is without a doubt the future of better healthcare everywhere.

These telemedicine applications are one of the best inventions of the technology which is extremely helping in the change of the regular office-based treatment of the patients. During the lockdown period when social distancing between people became normal similarly, these telemedicine software development is becoming the new normal face of the entire healthcare industry.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is any kind of medicine or healthcare that is completed remotely, at a distance, through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). For most people, telemedicine is something equal to having a video chat treatment with their doctor. While this belief of telemedicine is not wrong, it only involves a small department of this creative field; known as teleconsultations and office-based telemedicine.

Early studies express that telemedicine improves patient outcomes, reduces the amount of time a patient spends in a clinic or a hospital, is more helpful for all parties involved, and overall has a helpful result on patient satisfaction.

Different advantages of telemedicine applications for healthcare include:

  • Saving vehicle costs and time, as well as reducing travel-related pollution.
  • Reducing widespread disease transmission throughout society.
  • Reaching those who have limited access to healthcare service providers.
  • Letting doctors see more patients, save time, and reach more people in need of healthcare.
  • Providing significantly toward developments in global healthcare.
  • Doing away with waits in medicine that could be life-threatening in specific examples

Why Telemedicine is the future of Healthcare?

One of the most important reasons that telemedicine app development solutions for healthcare can be positive as well as a progressive future of the medical facility is that it bridges important gaps in this industry.

In various examples, telemedicine has crossed main gaps in healthcare by giving timely and creative communication to those who either cannot have proper health care or who want treatment quickly than they can get to the proper medical faculty like a hospital or a clinic.

India is the main example of a country that has been making use of telemedicine to bridge the large gap in their healthcare process. Those living in poverty-stricken rural areas (almost the majority of the population) are helpless to access quality healthcare, commonly due to a lack of access to facilities, infrastructure, and responsible doctors to maintain the population density. Through the use of telemedicine, more patients in India have received the treatment they want.

The following people benefit from telemedicine:

  • Rural Communities
  • Veterans
  • The elderly and those who need professional care
  • Diabetics, those with heart problems, those who are susceptible to strokes or seizures,    psychiatric patients, and many other chronic conditions
  • People who might have differently visited that country for medical tourism.

Healthcare beyond the new normal

SISGAIN one of the most accepted telemedicine software development companies is working greatly hard especially in this time of pandemic to provide care through its HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine applications for healthcare. SISGAIN provides your virtual clinic on the go. Connect with your patients in seconds through secure video consultations with SISGAIN’s Telemedicine Applications — a top of the line virtual clinic software for doctors.

SISGAIN’s Telemedicine applications for healthcare facilitates swift and careful doctor-patient relations particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic and address the important need for safe and practical access to healthcare.

What to expect from SISGAIN’s telemedicine software development?

  • High-quality secure video consultations
  • Helps you cut down on meeting cancellations and no shows
  • Remote patient examination and vitals tracking
  • Easy access to patient health histories through an integrated EHR
  • Securely connect with patients from a small location, in real-time
  • Prescribe treatment instantly via
  • e-prescription tools

How to Develop a Telehealth App Service?

Mobile Telehealth Solutions are more than just a secure video call. When virtual communication is perfect, you can focus on what matters most which is providing the best patient care. SISGAIN’s HIPAA-compliant platform provides the telehealth app development services need for reducing unnecessary tasks and engaging patients.

Telehealth application brings healthcare providers and patients closer in a digital space and enhances access to care. It helps patients to talk with doctors from anywhere and anytime. Whereas the doctors can observe, diagnose, and treat patients in a wide range of appointment kinds, including follow-up routines and consultations.

How does mobile telehealth solutions work?

  • Live Conferencing:

Live conferencing means that the real-time video chats that are practiced and appreciated by patients the most.

  • Store-and-forward telehealth:

It helps in the exchange of health information between patients and providers. For example, hospital staff can send lab results to a patient or a patient captures a photo for further analysis treatment.

  • Remote patient monitoring:

It is a set of tools that collect the individual health data wanted for treatment.

What are the key features of the Telehealth App?

Below are the key features of the telehealth app you need to consider before starting the development of mobile telehealth solutions.

  • Encryption and Security Protocols

Using security and encryption protocols, a telehealth app can allow patients and doctors to keep confidential patients’ data secure and safe.

  • Video Conferencing

Video conferencing helps doctors and patients to face each other and have a conversation on the mobile device and computer with high-quality audio and video.

  • Instant messaging

With fast messaging, patients can chat with doctors through text messages in reality during or after the appointment if they want any guidance.

  • Appointment Management

Appointment Management helps patients to choose a ready slot from the doctor’s calendar and plan meetings with the doctors themselves.

  • Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation helps doctors to give patient care while giving importance to the privacy of patients’ documents.

  • HIPAA Compliance

When HIPAA compliance is mixed into the telehealth app, it can help decrease mistakes through safe electronic communication of healthcare deals.

Major challenges in Mobile Telehealth Solutions development:

  1. The money factor:

Some businesses see financial advantages in telehealth and join the industry without suitable knowledge and original study.

  • Regulatory frameworks:

Regulations vary depending on location and the type of app but in all cases, there are strict rules to follow.

  • Hype:

The trendier telehealth becomes, the more often unrealistic solutions appear on the market, reducing the real value of what telehealth software offers.

  • Adoption:

Despite increasing popularity, adoption rates are still quite low. Both individuals and large providers have reasons to resist telemedicine integration.

  • Technology:

There is a common healthcare problem of utilizing technology which is either too old or too new. Experts claim that telehealth isn’t about innovative technology but about changing the workflow.

  • Evidence:

Solutions in any healthcare area sometimes require an information source and because of the lack of it, the hospital loses its trust.

SISGAIN delivers the best mobile telehealth solutions throughout the patient journey from hospital to home.

Benefits of SISGAIN’s telehealth software systems

Are you searching for a well-established telehealth app development company for your latest telehealth app project? Here is why SISGAIN can be your main choice:

  • Provide Essential Skills

We provide necessary app development expertise and assistance as per the requirement of our clients.

  • Better Affordability

Our team is highly specialized in delivering top-rated services in the most cost-effective manner helping you save a lot of money.

  • Agile Approach

We use the flexible app development method and provide the final result to our customers in the most time-efficient manner.

  • Global Expertise

Our app development team has the best experts with global level experience and proficiency for our clients.

  • Customized solutions

SISGAIN provides custom-built solutions based on the clients’ expectations and market requirements.

  • Responsive design

We build on-demand telehealth app development services with the same feel and look that can be used through a variety of mobile devices.

Request a Free demo now at SISGAIN and get the following:

  • Home care and home assistance delivery
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Live image transfer
  • Secure data transfer
  • Virtual assistance

How To Develop A Telemedicine App Like A Doctor On Demand?

Before developing a telemedicine app development solution you should know how SISGAIN provides Telemedicine apps like doctors on demand. SISGAIN’s Doctor on Demand telemedicine applications allows quick video consultations with specialists. The app offers meetings 24/7 and runs on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

During a video conference with a doctor, a patient shares symptoms, gets a full consultation, receives a treatment, and is given a prescription or, in some cases, a list of lab tests they should run. Among the most common conditions that patients treated using the app are cold and flu, rashes, urinary tract infections, and allergies.

Why are telemedicine app development solutions so popular?

The reason why telemedicine apps have huge capacity is that they offer benefits for both patients and doctors. This solves even small problems quickly.

Benefits that attract patients

Telemedicine App Development Solutions have various advantages for patients:

  • Convenience:

A patient can make appointments in advance, a patient need not drive to a clinic to get treatment, and the patients are not bound to waste their time standing in a long line. A telemedicine application guarantees it all.

  • Save time and get results faster:

Patients save time on meeting with their doctors as well as they can start their treatment without wasting any time, right after the video call ends. The usage of telemedicine applications lowers the treatment time and gives faster results.

  • Medical record mobility:

Even in the modern world, it’s still difficult to get access to your electronic medical records, not to mention someone else’s data. A telemedicine app lets patients have access to their medical documents and share them with family members and doctors.

How much will it cost to develop an app like Doctor on Demand?

The cost of a telemedicine app can be measured when the cost of marketing and providing the app is defined. The price of a telemedicine app depends on the method towards growth, important features, technologies, functionality, and the progress team.

Here are a few influencing factors that predict the expense of creating telemedicine apps:

  • The product growth framework, software, and other infrastructure batches included in the creation of the app affect the cost of building a telemedicine application.
  • The cost-benefit relates mainly to the complexity of the software and the functionality of an app. So you want practical funding if you select to create a complete app.
  • If you need a fully developed application this will simply mix the basic features with the least design that will manage the market.

How does a doctor on-demand mobile app work?

Each telemedicine app development solution has its working logic. The basic doctor on demand works in the following manner:

  • To get a talk with the doctor, a patient needs to log in to the system, create an account, and describe their symptoms.
  • The next step depends on the patient’s health condition, the app finds out the most suitable medical doctor near the patient.
  • After successfully searching for a doctor, the patient can plan a video call then via the telemedicine app which has a built-in calendar.
  • During the video meeting, a doctor discusses with the patient, asks him/her about health conditions, gives treatment, selects lab tests, and so on.
  • When the video consultation ends, the patient pays for healthcare service using a built-in payment gateway and receives receipts with prescribed meds and doctor’s recommendations.

SISGAIN’s telemedicine applications give your members access to integrated, whole-person care with in-network referrals and care coordination

With SISGAIN, your members have a dedicated Primary Care Physician and Care Team for urgent and everyday care, behavioral health services, preventive care, as well as chronic condition management. Available 24/7 via video visits, voice, and messaging.

How SISGAIN’s telemedicine applications can drive value for your health plan and better care for your members?

SISGAIN a telemedicine app development company provides the following features:

  • Cost Savings

We’re lower in cost than in-person care, provide early detection and treatment of chronic conditions, and keep patients within the network.

  • Expanded Access

We enhance and integrate into existing provider networks.

  • Delivering high-quality care

SISGAIN’s telemedicine app development services give your members a combination of medical as well as behavioral health care services with smart, in-network referrals, and care navigation.

With preventive care, care planning, referral coordination, and chronic condition management, we help your members take control of their health with our telemedicine app development solutions.

  • Preventive health
  • Chronic care
  • Urgent care
  • Behavioral health

Telehealth Software Market Rides the High Wave Amid Rapid Digitalization and Covid-19

When the Covid-19 pandemic was in its extreme form, the world’s healthcare system saw a change that they weren’t ready for. Telehealth software systems have entered to help the healthcare sector all over the world. Healthcare systems around the world were overburdened beyond their power, but on the other hand, for individuals, a regular doctor’s visit became difficult. With the pandemic cases seeing an unusual high every single day, patients had to look at other means to reach their doctors for treatments.

This different situation that the world hadn’t thought or prepared for, had made the way for Telehealth platforms.

While the adoption of digital health tools had already seen a rise before the pandemic, the honesty towards taking on telehealth software was an outcome no one saw coming. It is time we realize that this change was always across the border, waiting to occur. But, with this change, there is also a major need to look at new ways of working for a different set of providers, implement step-change growths in increasing access, information exchange, and integration of technology.

A few challenges that telehealth software systems will face include workflow integration, effectiveness when compared to the in-person visits, and security.

  • There is a vast difference between the interest in telehealth and the actual use of telehealth for the common man.
  • This is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of all the services, the knowledge on the care services that can be given virtually, understanding of safety coverage and refunds, together could increase this gap further.

But before we look at how telehealth app development services are bound to change the future, we must look at how it dealt with individuals when a pandemic was on. Its useful method during a pandemic can be observed in three points:

  • Offers care and diagnosis to a patient without a clinical visit
  • Reduces the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus for the staff and the patient
  • Decreases the requirement of Personal Protective Equipment

But what can we believe when telehealth software systems are adopted at a fast speed?

Virtual care or virtually allowed healthcare solutions are sure to reach their full capacity, with more and more people using such services. These models have a continuous meeting with the individuals, that cater to various one-off urgent visits to building care models that provide the clinic experience virtually to rooting virtual care at home.

  • On-demand virtual care

The on-demand virtual urgent care is an alternative to urgent care visits, after-hours consultations, or emergency department visits. In the present day, these services are at the top of the offerings for various telehealth solutions. Telehealth allows patients to consult a doctor remotely to address timely and urgent concerns that can be dealt with, without visiting the emergency rooms.

  • Virtual office visits

Individuals visit and consult a formal healthcare provider for various purposes that could include the likes of primary care, behavioral health, or some specialty follow-up care. These tests or check-ups do not need any physical exams or other procedures. In these cases, a telehealth app development service lets patients have virtual office visits that include in-person care. This enables doctors to manage patients who suffer from severe conditions with remote patient monitoring.

  • Near virtual office visits

When it comes to testing, near-virtual office visits help the patients access care by mixing near home sites with virtual access to the doctor.  The near virtual office visits will play an important role in being the turning point for telemedicine solutions.

  • Virtual home health

In virtual home health services, remote monitoring, and virtual visits help healthcare institutions offer help remotely. This also includes evaluation, education for the caregiver and patient, and physical therapy among other services. Through virtual home health services, one could improve the patient’s and caregiver’s experience, and improve connectivity with the care team.

  • Tech-led treatment administration

During a pandemic, it was important to help individuals accept the shift from having medicines in the hospital to having them at home. To make it easier, remote monitoring of patients was done, to manage symptoms.

Telehealth is the New Normal for the Healthcare industry

Telehealth software systems has the power to provide important care across areas that face shortages of basic healthcare facilities. It is also effective in dealing with behavioral health, improving the patient experience, and significantly improving the outcomes. Moreover, the integration of telehealth solutions brings comfort and access care to patients where and when they need it. While healthcare is bound to become more creative with telehealth, its adoption in the post-pandemic era will mark a new beginning. One where mobile telehealth solutions become the new normal.

SISGAIN is one of the most reputed telehealth development companies which is working hard in the times of coronavirus. SISGAIN’s telehealth app development allows flexibility and convenience for both doctors and patients. The app also improves access for those people who are living in far places, less mobile, or with busy schedules.

Features of SISGAIN’s telehealth app development services include:

  • Improved patient experience and accessibility
  • Flexible working for doctors
  • Reduced pressure on busy waiting rooms
  • Reduced non-attendance
  • Secure and fully encrypted data solution

White Label Telemedicine Applications for Healthcare Business

White Label telemedicine Applications are a wonderful way to kickstart your industry, by getting a platform well created by the experts and making the most out of it once it is done. It is a completely supported product or service that fulfills your goal.

Since these solutions are made by a third party business and then sold to you, it saves you time and money and also, the chances of creating mistakes, since before starting your strategy, you can study all the factors of it.

Let’s understand how white label telemedicine applications can support you with your healthcare firm:

1. It Is Quick and Easy To Brand

These solutions are completely integrated and ready-made and thus can be helpful if you are aiming at adding new elements to the platform. As the reseller, you will be free from the difficulty of researching the development method and can quickly focus on the branding path.

2. It Keeps Your Customers Happier

Every customer that reached you has an end purpose in mind, and thus white label solutions immediately help them towards achieving their end-goal rather than waiting around the pre-developed solution.

3. It Allows You To Focus On Your Company’s Core Competency

Often, when a company decides to create its online solutions, it stands far off from their area of skill, and thus there are huge possibilities of accidents taking place due to a lack of proper understanding and a creative team. Spreading resources on doing something that does not fit with your core skills can only lead to terrible results, where there is no going back then.

The professionals who create a white label solution are focused and well aware of their space of work and thus the opportunities of crises narrow down, letting you concentrate on your industry and plan on how to carry the platform forward towards providing the desired goals and outcomes. With SISGAIN’s area of mastery in creating telemedicine app development solutions, we build a platform that allows you to reach out to a large number of patients, carry out the medicines and diagnosis in the best possible way.

SISGAIN’s telemedicine app development solutions are result-based and hence we understand in developing patient-centric applications, providing maximum relief to the doctors and healthcare specialists.

SISGAIN a renowned telemedicine app development company fully develops a white-label solution that delivers relief to the patients while giving them large comfort with the following features:

  • Push Notification
  • View Staffs
  • Access PHR
  • Book An Appointment
  • Consult Doctors Via Audio/ Video Calls
  • Ask Questions To Healthcare Experts
  • E-Prescriptions
  • Online Payment
  • Daily Health Routine Checkup

We curated telemedicine app development that are best acceptable for any healthcare module willing to deliver online telemedicine/ telehealth services which make sure that everything is done right and error-free. With technologically advanced details, our telemedicine white label solution is a one-stop solution for all the patients looking hassle-free of receiving treatment with vast room for updates and advancements.

SISGAIN’s white-label telemedicine solution provides some stand-out features that divide it from the rest of the solutions trending in town while toning down the priority of the process and indulging relief.

Here are the best features of our white label telemedicine solution:

1. Appointment Booking – Book a meeting with a healthcare specialist relevant to your infection and symptoms.

2. Push Notifications – Get every day updates about new offers and updated benefits on the platform.

3. Easy Payment Gateway – Make a payment for the services availed through various suitable options, such as Debit/ Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking, etc.

4. Easy Video Consultation – With high-quality video calling benefits, the method of using a meeting while having a one-on-one conversation with the doctor becomes simpler.

5. Question-Answer Section – Here the patients can ask relevant problems about their signs and infection and treatments.

6. Health Tracker – Once a patient is associated with a dedicated doctor, the doctor keeps a check regularly about the patient’s health conditions and improvements post the diagnosis and treatment.

7. Multi-Color Options – To increase the method with high-quality X-Rays and Video-Calling skills.

8. Data Security And HIPAA Compliance – Patient’s data are stored on a cloud without the concern of breach of trust, with a limited way for the doctors, and thus the patients need not fear about their data being spread.

Also, in compliance with HIPAA, the sensitivity of patient’s data is given the utmost value and makes sure nothing comes in the way of maintaining the security decorum. You can be a part of our live telemedicine software demo session to get a better understanding of our platform, making the client understand how telemedicine app development service or solution can support their company, work as an income generation model, and at the same time give immense support in the area of healthcare.

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Software: How to choose

Telehealth software systems are revolutionizing the means healthcare is conducted, primarily in rural areas and for patients with restricted mobility. Protection and HIPAA compliance, however, remains significant.

As telehealth software becomes a more familiar means for healthcare providers to interact with patients – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic – HIPAA must be at the lead of every healthcare organization’s planning. Executing and deploying a telehealth solution to extend telehealth app development services to patients is extremely crucial to reviving hospitals and medical practices; still, rolling out telehealth services must be performed securely and in obedience with HIPAA.

Is telehealth software systems HIPAA compliant?

Telehealth can necessarily be compliant with HIPAA secrecy and safety standards. However, it presents substantial risks to the security of electronically insured health information (ePHI), so healthcare institutions must take care when implementing telehealth software systems for the first time.

The primary step in the thriving enactment of telehealth software is to assure that it is safe. This means doing the following:

  • Inferring how virtual meetings and related communications will be ensured in transit.
  • Specifying how recorded consultations and all related clinical documentation and data will be stored after the consultation has stopped.
  • Specifying continuous monitoring of telehealth software-related communications and undertakings to avoid or respond to malicious data violations involving ePHI.

How can you remain HIPAA compliant while utilizing telehealth software systems?

Here are the three things you need to do to harmonize with HIPAA when utilizing telehealth technology.

  • Select a protected platform or software.

Whether you are looking for an easy mobile solution for telehealth or a complicated telehealth platform with diagnostic tools for advanced consultations, security is critical. Make sure you certainly appreciate how the data is ensured by encryption and other technical means while in storage and during contact.

  • Restrict access to susceptible information.

All the technical safety regulations in the world won’t do you any good if the wrong people have access to ePHI. You must ascertain an obvious set of systems and techniques around who is approved to access any ePHI related to telehealth assistance, and when and why. Precise document access to ePHI so you can effortlessly demonstrate adherence to controls.

  • Ascertain that there are regulating procedures in place, as well as a cybersecurity technique in the event of a data infringement or cyber attack.

Whether that method is the realm of a third-party telehealth service provider or your internal IT team, it’s significant to discern the elements and how often the proposal is revisited to verify your ongoing compliance.

What is HIPAA?

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is the supreme federal law on healthcare data privacy in the U.S. The law ascertained national principles to insure susceptible patient health information from exposure without the patient’s understanding or approval.

Easily Host Online Group Therapy and Counseling with the best telehealth software provided by SISGAIN. You can also Create secure video sessions for groups or individuals using our easy-to-use web-based technology.

Features of SISGAIN’s Telehealth Software Systems:

Your abilities, understanding, and creativity matter to us a lot. Do we share the exact imagination to build creative solutions that engage patients and providers to facilitate distinguished telehealth for all? Here’s how we can help you easily create online group therapy and counseling sessions:

  • Easy to use

SISGAIN provides self-explanatory dashboards and tutorials that help you easily create online group therapy sessions. You can constantly reach our teams for any type of assistance you require for establishing sessions.

HIPAA compliance telehealth

  • SISGAIN’s telehealth app development services are secure and 100% HIPAA compliant telehealth. You can have assurance knowing that you are assisting on a believed platform that is influential and comfortable to utilize. Access anywhere, anytime
  • SISGAIN provides the best Telehealth software that allows you to schedule sessions at the times of your choice, you have complete control. You can now utilize your time more effectively than ever before.

Group discussions.

The best thing about SISGAIN’s Telehealth software is that not only can you host secure one-on-one sessions, but you can also help multiple people through group therapy & counseling sessions.

  • Full focus on treatment

SISGAIN’s Telehealth app development service handles the administrative tasks of payments, entries, bills, etc. so you can focus on treatment. You have more time to concentrate on quality care and patient medication. We strive to deliver promising counselling treatment and lifestyle coaching subscribers through your emphasis and commitment.