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With the tremendous growth in technology and continuous innovations, every industry is becoming technology friendly. Companies are adopting new ideas for increasing the market share and reach more and more customers. One of the industries that are rapidly growing and striving to cater better services to its customer is the healthcare industry. This industry has seen a considerable amount of growth with regards to technology and services.     

Traditionally patients have to visit doctors and pay many visits even for scheduling appointments or for prescriptions. But now the scenario has changed; now patients have many advantages and technology has made it easier for them. Healthcare providers are providing their healthcare portals where patients can access all their health-related information in one place.  

Now a patient can access all health-related data anytime and anywhere by logging into medical web portals with the help of user ID and password. The data on these websites is encrypted. With the help of the internet, patients can go through all the information like his prescriptions, recent visits, lab results, billing details and much other important information.

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SISGAIN is a leading company providing healthcare software solutions and applications. The company is expert and of the best medical web portals development companies in USA and providing its services in many other countries also. Developers at our company are highly experienced and expert in developing various medical web portals according to the needs of the customers.

Various services provided by SISGAIN are

  • Health information Exchange portals
  • HL7 integration services
  • EMR/EHR application development
  • E-prescribing applications
  • Pharmacy management web portals


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Benefits of medical portals developed by SISGAIN

Online Scheduling: the most important and beneficial feature of these portals. Now patients don’t have to visit the clinician to fix an appointment and neither he has to wait in long queues.

Secure software: This software is fully secure as all patient’s data is encrypted end to end. Our developers give best solutions and secure software for the sake of the safety of personal information saved on these platforms.

HIPAA compliance: All our healthcare applications and software are developed with the compliance of standards set by HIPAA.

User-Friendly: we develop patients’ portals that are user-friendly and don’t include exhaustive practice to move to the next pages. Our portals are easy on eyes with simple features. Patients can easily navigate through pages and access their data.  



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